• Nina Clare

My Unfair Godmother by Janette Rallinson (2016)

Updated: Jul 10

A fashion-conscious fairy-godmother in training, a poker-playing leprechaun, Robin Hood and his merry men and Rumpelstiltskin – and if that doesn’t sound like a mad mash-up of characters, how about throwing in a 21st-century teen couple with their 21st-century family problems, add a bit of time-travelling, teenage angst, and some romance - and you can’t possibly make all of that work in a novel - can you? Well you can if your name is Janette Rallison.

Seventeen year old Tansy is a modern day girl struggling to adjust to a family divided by divorce. Having a reprobate boyfriend doesn’t help, and when she finds herself landed in the local jail and grounded for life, her fairy godmother decides it’s time to show up.

Thus begins a time-travelling romp into 12th-century England, where Tansy finds herself in the middle of her own fairy tale retelling – that of Rumpelstilskin. Her only way home is to learn the moral of her own story, but she cannot know the answer to that until her story is complete, and with a murderous mad king and an evil Rumpelstiltskin to contend with, getting to the end of her own story in one piece is no easy matter.

This was a fast-paced enjoyable read. Tansy is a likeable character who discovers the truth of her own heart as she learns the moral of her own life story. The romance is sweet, the dialogue is witty, the dippy fairy godmother is funny, and I enjoyed the mad-mash up of legend and fairy tale characters.

I’m also pleased to see there are two other novels in the same series to enjoy!

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