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a new series of fun and romantic 

Jane Austen fairy tales

Three fairy godmother trainees are given matchmaking assignments, but when stolen magic is used in Highbury, all kinds of mischief breaks out, and no one is falling in love with the right person. Unless they find the thief and undo the trouble, they'll fail to graduate, and the village will be invaded by a vengeful witch from Faerie.

A historical fairy tale

inspired by neuschwanstein castle

When Elsa, the sheltered daughter of a baron, is forced to flee her home,

 she finds refuge at the royal castle, and it seems her deliverance is at hand.

But the young king is very mysterious, in fact Elsa's not sure what kind of man he is.

Caught up into strange and magical happenings, political intrigues

and romantic conflicts, the glamorous world of the king

disintegrates about her, and enemies close in.

Elsa wonders who to trust, who to love, and if she will ever make it home again.

A king Thrushbeard fairy tale

The Princess of Boheme has gone too far this time…

Her father has had enough of her spoilt, selfish ways and has banished her

from his kingdom.

Cast out from a luxury castle to a lowly cottage, from privileged princess to scullery maid – could life get any worse? 

What will it take to change her hard heart?

Can she learn the meaning of love, and who would want to teach her?

A romantic retelling of King Thrushbeard.

Sometimes it takes a broken heart to make a whole one.

A Rumpelstiltskin fairy tale

Once upon a time there was a foolish miller who claimed his daughter could spin

straw into gold… 
All Adela wants is to keep her family together, keep a roof over her brothers’ heads, put food on the table, and not draw attention to herself, for she’s no time for suitors. 
But all that is shattered when she’s dragged from the village by a greedy king and ordered to spin straw into gold – or die. Suddenly life has become very dangerous, and which impending fate is worse – execution or a forced marriage

to a mad, old king? 
It will take faith, courage, and otherworldly help for Adela to outwit those who would destroy her and her loved ones.

And a happy ending is something she can only hope for. 

A historical fairy tale

Three noble families.

Worlds apart but bound together by the choices they have made,

and the fates chosen for them. 

Rich man’s servant or rich man's child. Highborn or low.

Everyone’s a slave until love can set them free. 

Beck – a fairy tale of medieval lives and forbidden loves… and a little bit of magic. 

A twelve dancing princesses fairy tale

The true story of the twelve dancing princesses has now been recorded…
Thirteen sisters have grown up hidden away by their uncle,

who rules the kingdom by proxy.

When the eldest sister marries, her husband will take the throne. But the king has no intention of giving up his crown. 
Navigating an underground world, breaking an enchantment, and enduring the prospect of a forced marriage, these are the trials the thirteenth princess must endure to see her sisters and their kingdom free…

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