About the author...


NINA GREW UP ardently wishing to be the sixth member of The Famous Five, graduated to aspirations of being Laura Ingalls, her identity crisis cumulating on the cusp of adulthood in the form of Elizabeth Bennet.


These days she's very happy to be herself, but there are times when an isolated log cabin with Mr Darcy and Timothy the dog still seem desirable, even if sprigged muslins don't go well with wellies…


Nina studied English literature and creative writing with the Open University, and has always had a passion for literature and a big pile of books in every favourite reading spot. A very few of her favourite literary influences are: the exquisite novels of Jane Austen, the delightful romances of Eva Ibbotson, and those Grand Masters of fantasy: Tolkien and C.S. Lewis.


She loves 19th-century fiction, YA fantasy, historical biographies, and, of course, myths and fairy tales.


When she's not writing stories or thinking up stories or reading other people’s stories she likes to paint and collage pictures, get taken for long walks by her adorable dogs, and cook all things plant-based. She lives in rural Cornwall, England with her family.