Fantasy and Historical Fiction Author
Constance & the Inconstant Duke
A Regency sweet romance
21-369 Nina Clare Constance 1.jpg

The Books

Regency Romance
21-165 Nina Clare Beau Brown.jpg
The Three Graces
21-369 Nina Clare Constance 1.jpg
The Jane Austen Fairy Tales
20-078 Nina Clare Magic and Matchmaking.jpg
20-085 Nina Clare Midwinter Mischief.jpg
Historical Fairy Tales
20-233 Nina Clare The Stepsister and the Slipper.jpg
20-338 Nina Clare The Earl of Highmott Hall.jpg
19-020 Nina Clare The Swan King.jpg
Fairytale Fantasy
19-041 Nina Clare The Reluctant Wife B03.jpg
13p 2nd ed .jpg
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